outdoor awnings and canopies

Door Awnings

Many types and configurations of door awnings and canopy structures are available in the market today. Retractable awnings that extend from the roof or face of the building provide weatherproof cover at doors and entryways and are typically made of canvas or vinyl. Similar awnings are also used to cover windows, storefront, or patios. Door and window awnings are available in several styles and sizes to accommodate different configurations. Latest […]

wrought iron cabinet doors

Revealing The Myths Behind Iron Doors

Of course iron doors will resign good with anyone who owns a home because of their safety features, but little do people know that they are more than just protection. These doors now often times are used in places like offices and inside homes where their protective qualities might not really be needed. “Why are they used there”, you may ask. Well, simply because many are beginning to realize the […]

door knob with spindle

Door Knobs – Beauty And Security For Your Home

If you think about it, the door knob began the whole movement towards security and safety in the home. Before the door knob, doors would just push open when someone wanted to get inside or go out. Then along came the door knob. It was a great way to keep a door from opening accidentally. A door knob also offered a side benefit of keeping the elements out of the […]

pocket doors kits

Pocket Doors – A Lovely, Small Addition to Your Home

Pocket doors are very charming, they are seeing a resurgence in popularity lately. These types of doors were very popular with turn of the nineteenth century builders. They were used to save space and add privacy.These doors are made to slide into the wall, saving the floor space that is needed to open and close a typical door. They were often used in apartment spaces as a means to save […]

sliding closet doors ideas

Closet Doors and Interior Doors

Closet doors are very different than standard interior doors. They have a wide range of options, each impacting a room in a very different way. For some, a closet is used purely to store items the homeowner does not want to look at every day. These doors do not need to make a statement, but rather only serve the function of hiding the contents in the closet. In these situations, […]